• The role of tulle fabrics—Clothes

    Last time we said that the gauze fabric is not only an important material for children’s wear (princess dress, Hanfu, evening wear, fashion (flash fashion, evening dress, extremely hot diamond fashion), women’s wear (young women’s wear, printed dress), wedding dress (a variety o...
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  • The role of tulle fabrics

    Today in the 21st century, along with the progress of The Times, the improvement of women’s status, as well as the standard of living rising, we are still pursuing the fashion, and are willing to spend for its energy, so makes the vigorous development of the apparel industry, the design fee...
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  • The development of knitting

                   Knitting is a technology that uses knitting needles and other loop-forming machines to bend yarn into loops and connect them to each other to form fabrics. According to the different characteristics of the craft, knitting is divided into weft knitting and warp knitting.            ...
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  • Children’s clothing fabrics

             China  in zhili is known as China’s children’s wear little town, 90% of China’s children’s wear clothing from here, But it’s very efficient, they’re basically one piece of clothing a minute.  , in the zhili town, the main products are net Tulle fabric...
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  • Embroidered Fabric

    What is embroidered fabric?First of all.I need to explain that it’s a combination. Embroidered fabrics must have a bottom net,bottom net is can be knitted fabric, woven fabric, mesh, flannelette,elastic cloth, tulle, it can even be a layer of paper.If it is a piece of paper,the process is ...
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  • Swiss Embroidery For Women Dresses

    Swiss Embroidery For Women Dresses

    Swiss Embroidery For Women Dresses Embroidered tulle has been an emerging trend on the runway for the past two years, with both all-over embroidery and positioning embroidery giving a fresh feel to the simple tulle fabric. Spring and summer are the times when dresses are always in fashion, and w...
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  • Sequins how to embroider on fabric?

    Sequins how to embroider on fabric?

            Sequin embroidery is a type of embroidery fabric in which sequins are installed on the machine for embroidery, either single or double sequins. Sequin embroidery consists of a number of sequins and stitches. The sequins are made of hard, flat and smooth surface materials, which are used w...
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  • Embroidery Lace for wedding dresses and gowns

    Embroidery Lace for wedding dresses and gowns

           Inside the large production workshop, rows of neatly displayed machines are running, beautiful embroidery, sparkling sequins, light tulle …… all kinds of colorful embroidery fabrics are presented in front of our eyes as the sewing machine needles keep going up and down.        ...
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  • 4 kinds of high-definition dress popular fabrics: expensive not only handmade, but also these materials

    4 kinds of high-definition dress popular fabrics: expensive not only handmade, but also these materials

             Talking about high-definition dresses and wedding dresses, we will not only be amazed by the exquisite styling of high-definition dresses, more is amazed by the expensive price of high-definition, so what is in high-definition on what fabrics are often used?         The first kind is sil...
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  • Introduction of wedding fabrics

    Introduction of wedding fabrics

    Commonly used wedding fabrics can be divided into satin, mesh, lace, silk, chiffon and several others. 1. First of all, satin, which is a kind of fabric that many brides will feel looks very high-end. They are stiff, thick, soft luster, very reflective of a woman’s maturity and elegance. Mo...
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  • About Tulle Fabric (2)

    About Tulle Fabric (2)

    Use of tulle. Use for Wedding dress fabric: the material of a wedding dress is 90% made by tulle, mainly composed of 100% nylon and polyester, 100% nylon is mainly for he inner net of embroidery, because nylon yarn weaving has large shrinkage, which can repair the tiny needle holes left by embro...
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  • About Tulle Fabric (1)

    About Tulle Fabric (1)

    Textiles are divided into two categories, one is woven,the other one is knitting. Knitting can be divided into two types, one is weft knitting and the other is warp knitting. At present, the main products of warp knitting are mesh, lace and tulle. In fact, the tulle is a branch of the mesh, and ...
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